Migrate files to Onedrive with Powershell script.

Jos Lieben wrote a really complex script for automating Onedrive For Business provisioning. http://www.lieben.nu/liebensraum/o365migrator/ We have tested it and it works great. It has the following features. We have tested this script and it really works. Here You can download the newest version. http://www.lieben.nu/liebensraum/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/O365Migrator_v0.98.zip Also check the other scripts Jos has…continue reading →

Get all user lisences from Office 365 to csv.

Hi, Today I had to get a list from Office 365 with UserPrincipalName and MsolAccountSku. So here is the trick-script. $ReportPath = "c:userlist.csv" Add-Content -value ("UserPrincipalName"+","+"IsLicensed"+","+ "Licenses”) -Path $ReportPath $AllUsers = Get-MsolUser -All foreach ($User in $AllUsers) {  $UserPrincipalName = $User.UserPrincipalName  $IsLicensed = $User.IsLicensed  $Licenses = $User.Licenses.AccountSkuId  Add-Content -value ($UserPrincipalName+","+$IsLicensed+","+$Licenses)…continue reading →

Force Full Password Sync with AAD Connect.

I think this was easier with Dirsync, but that product is history. Open Powershell as Administrator and modify this Powershell script: $Local = "Domain.local" $Remote = "tenant.onmicrosoft.com - AAD" #Import Azure Directory Sync Module to Powershell Import-Module AdSync $OnPremConnector = Get-ADSyncConnector -Name $Local Write-Output "On Prem Connector information received" $Object…continue reading →