Change upn-suffix for all the users in certain OU

Get-ADUser -Filter {UserPrincipalName -like "*@domain.local"} -SearchBase "OU=whateverisright,DC=contoso,DC=com" | ForEach-Object {     $UPN = $_.UserPrincipalName.Replace("domain.local","newdomain.local")     Set-ADUser $_ -UserPrincipalName $UPN } Easy as opening a banana, right? :)continue reading →

Find unlicensed users with powershell in Office 365 and apply a license.

If you have many users synced to Office 365. It will be more efficient to user powershell to license them. This is how: connect-msolservice and enter crendentials. Get-MsolAccountSku will display the license types. And then: $AccountSkuId = "tenantname:STANDARDWOFFPACK_STUDENT" $UsageLocation = "FI" $LicenseOptions = New-MsolLicenseOptions -AccountSkuId $AccountSkuId $Users = Get-MsolUser -All…continue reading →

Lync and Exchange Web Services (EWS) and different DNS Domains- Exchange crawling e.g. for presence

Source: there is always confusion in how Lync is crawling Exchange Web Services (EWS). Generally it is necessary to understand how DNS must be implemented: Just remember, identify if you have DNS Split configuration, different internal and external DNS names and what are your SMTP and SIP Domains. There…continue reading →

Fully automated uninstallation of Office 2007 / 2010 and Installation of Office 365 Click-To-Run

Hi again, Here a nice tip from Mark Kean for automating office installations as part of moving to the cloud. Uninstall old ones: Install new one: reading →

Add SIP address to all users in certain OU

This situation may come true if you have Onpremises Exchange and Online tenant Lync. Then you need to add a SIP address with the same name as the user is in the Online tenant. And here's the script: $mailboxes = Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit contoso.local/Users/someOU foreach ($mailbox in $mailboxes) {Set-Mailbox -Identity $mailbox…continue reading →