Migrate from Cloud identities to Azure AD Connect.

Hi, Customer has working tenant with data inside and you need to convert it from Cloud-Only to Synced. It can be done with the following choices: UPN-matcing https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3164442/how-to-use-upn-matching-for-identity-synchronization-in-office-365,-azure,-or-intune SMTP-matching http://www.ivchenko.pro/Blog/Post/23/Merging-on-premises-and-Office-365-users HARD-matching https://dirteam.com/dave/2014/08/15/fixing-office-365-dirsync-account-matching-issues/ Or by using little bit more effort and exporting user attributes from Office 365 to csv-file. https://365lab.net/2014/04/18/office-365-migrate-from-cloud-identities-to-dirsync/ Johan,…continue reading →

Azure AD Connect with ADFS customization.

So scenario was this. Customer has an Office 365 tenant all ready in-place. The users in Onpremise AD have SamAccountNames as UserPrincipalNames. The next step Is obvious. Add UPN-suffix and change UserPrincipalName to match email address. Then add mail-attribute for the users. Then install Azure AD Connect and do the…continue reading →

Emergency calls with Lync in Finland

Hi all, Today I go local. Sorry all readers outside Finland ;) Today I got to solve a problem with emergency calls in Finland. 1. Create normalization rule that allows user to dial 112, but transform it to... +3979CountyNumber112 List on CountyNumbers In Finland http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luettelo_Suomen_kuntanumeroista Instructions from Ficora http://www.112.fi/hatanumero_112/hatapuhelun_ohjaus And…continue reading →

Increase the maximum MAPI session limit from 32 concurrent to 5000 concurrent

Outlook 2013 works differently, but Legacy clients need modifications to server side. In Exchange 2013: Create Throttling Policy and apply it to all mailboxes: [crayon-5f379deb4509c049742708/] Then add registry key (below is for 5000 concurrent connections): [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeIS\ParametersSystem]"Maximum Allowed Sessions Per User"=dword:00001388 Then restart Information Store service.continue reading →