AZ-500 exam preparation series

When I studied to my own AZ-500, I decided that I will make my own Exam Cram, study guide or whatever you want to call it. The goal will be on passing the exam or just refreshing Your brain.

I learned from the community and now it’s time to give something back to the community, enjoy!

The sections

There are multiple different sections in the exam, I wrote them more clearly below than in Microsoft Learn site. The sections are based on Microsoft update exam outline for September 29th 2021

Download Exam skills outline from Microsoft Learn

After every heading there is a link to a YouTube video (Coming later) and after that one to a written instruction covering the section content.

There will be total 12 parts in this series. Doing 1-2 sections in a week, so have patience.

Manage identity and access (30-35%)

Manage Azure Active Directory identities

Secure access by using Azure AD

Manage application access

Manage access control

Implement platform protection (15-20%)

Implement advanced network security

Configure advanced security for compute

Manage security operations (25-30%)

Configure centralized policy management

Configure and manage threat protection

Configure and manage security monitoring solutions

Secure data and applications (25–30%)

Configure security for storage

Configure security for databases

Configure and manage Azure Key Vault

Final words

It’s won’t be an easy test but hopefully You will pass. Just prepare Yourself and take Your time during the test. I always dedicate my tests for Sundays, for some reason it has been an excellent day for me to focus.

Never stop learning!

Over and Out,


Author: Harri Jaakkonen

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