Polycom software update


Last time when I had updated Polycom IP-phones I noticed that You cannot login from the browser.

So You have to open menus from the phone and allow it. Dumn I must say.


Option 1:

In order to enable the HTTP or HTTPS Web Interface on the phone please go ahead as follows:

  • Press Menu Key
  • Select Settings
  • Select Advanced
  • Add the 456 or the changed Passwordpass.png
  • Administration Settingsadminsetting.png
  • Web Server ConfigurationWebServer_04.PNG
  • The next menu will allow you to either only enable HTTP, or only HTTPS or bothWebServer_04_.PNG


  •  or to disable this againWebServer_05.PNG

Option 2:

Simply provision the feature from the provisioning server:

Author: Harri Jaakkonen

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