Clear Exchange 2013 Log Files based on age.

Clear logs in a single Exchange 2013 Server: Set-Executionpolicy RemoteSigned $days=30 #You can change the number of days here $IISLogPath="C:inetpublogsLogFiles" $ExchangeLoggingPath="C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15Logging" Write-Host "Removing IIS and Exchange logs; keeping last" $days "days" Function CleanLogfiles($TargetFolder) {     if (Test-Path $TargetFolder) {         $Now = Get-Date         $LastWrite = $Now.AddDays(-$days)        …continue reading →

After Cumulative Updates in Exchange 2013 ECP and OWA will be broken … sometimes?

Mr. Exchange Server Pro Paul Cunningham wrote a guide for updating single servers and dag servers. After applying updates to Exchange 2013 environment. You will sometimes (yes not all the time) that EAC and OWA will break. Either displaying this page or a blank page. I have found that…continue reading →