Lync/SfB Server: Event 41026, LS Data MCU after May 2017 .NET Framework update

Hi, Today a customer call me and said that they cannot connect to meeting. In the Blog below is the fix. And script that does this for You. reading →

Missed calls not showing in conversation history.

Today I figured out why Outlook 2010 and 2013 doesn't display this information anymore. Missed conversations and pstn-calls that the user calls out still work fine. To get it working again uninstall these updates: KB3101496 KB3114502 KB3114351 And it's working again. This isn't a permanent solution because these are security updates…continue reading →

Skype for Business

Yesterday Microsoft released Skype for Business thru Windows update and click-to-run. On-prem environments must be updated with the following IF you want to use the new gui. Lync 2010 server with CU 4.0.7577.710 Lync 2013 server with CU 5.0.8308.857 Then you have an option to Enable with Get-CsClientPolicy | Set-CsClientPolicy…continue reading →

Emergency calls with Lync in Finland

Hi all, Today I go local. Sorry all readers outside Finland ;) Today I got to solve a problem with emergency calls in Finland. 1. Create normalization rule that allows user to dial 112, but transform it to... +3979CountyNumber112 List on CountyNumbers In Finland Instructions from Ficora And…continue reading →

Lync edge and broken replication with CMS.

Hi all, Yesterday a customer had a problem with Edge replication from Central Management Store (CMS) So installed Lync Logging Tools from And then started OCSLogger.exe on Frontend to see what was wrong. And started initated replication with invoke-csmanagementreplication from Frontend. And it ran for couple of minutes.…continue reading →

Find Lync user with specific Line Uri

Quick tip of the day! Tried this one?   Get-CsUser –Filter {LineUri –eq "TEL:+3581234567"} And got error: It won't work. Try this one. Get-CsUser | Where-Object {$_.LineUri -like "TEL:+3581234567"} | ft -property DisplayName, LineURI And all is well!continue reading →
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