Public folders in Hybrid Screnario

Hi all, Public Folders and Hybrid mode. Not really a hybrid mode cause all mailboxes reside in the Cloud, also PF Mailboxes. First set Default PF for all mailboxes. [crayon-600a45c388b5a424751564/] When sending email from outside organization sender will get. 550 5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied. or 550 5.7.13 Anonymous users are…continue reading →

Exchange updates

Updates have been released for Exchange 2013 and 2016. If You are using a Hybrid, You have to update these to be supported.continue reading →

MRSProxy Endpoint error while doing remote move migration

With Exchange 2016 Hybrid setup, you might encounter an error while doing remote move migration. After selecting mailbox to move, the wizard gives you an error, that the "Endpoint MRSProxy" connection cannot be completed. After running command Test-MigrationServerAvailability -ExchangeRemoteMove -RemoteServer "ExternalUrl" You receive the following error. You can also find the same…continue reading →

Add Calendar permissions to mailboxes in Hybrid environments.

Hi again, Below script will add Reviewer permissons for DefaultCalendarShare group. This is needed for Hybrid environments and Cross-Premises calendar sharing. $allmailbox = Get-Mailbox -Resultsize Unlimited | where { $_.IsShared -eq $False -and $_.ArbitrationMailbox -eq $Null } $Logfile = "C:TempLogsadd-calendarPerm.log" Foreach ($Mailbox in $allmailbox) { $cal = (Get-MailboxFolderStatistics $Mailbox |…continue reading →