Top 10 actions to secure your environment

Hi, Microsoft has a blog series about securing our environment. The first one came in December 2018. For now there is 8 parts released, hopefully part 9 is coming soon. When almost all functions are out in the open these days, its really important to secure these functions. Didn't find…continue reading →

Get updates /w Email when EOP smtp ip-addresses change.

Using a ready script Get-Office365Endpoints.ps1 connect to Filter that information with IPV4 and SMTP, then send it as txt-file thru Exchange Online using If the endpoint txt-file is found script is stopped. Also includes Aes-encryption for secure password storing. Only Change EmailAddress, everything else can be used for all…continue reading →

Public folders in Hybrid Screnario

Hi all, Public Folders and Hybrid mode. Not really a hybrid mode cause all mailboxes reside in the Cloud, also PF Mailboxes. First set Default PF for all mailboxes. [crayon-600a3e07cdaa7769429135/] When sending email from outside organization sender will get. 550 5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied. or 550 5.7.13 Anonymous users are…continue reading →

Sharepoint Online recursive permissions.

Hi, When You migrate from a local fileshare, You will have a problem with recursive permissions from parent object. Here is script that can scan thru large library (5000+ items) and reset recursive permissions to them. [crayon-600a3e07ce15d751981889/] Orginal source for script: reading →

O4B Bulk Provisioning.

Hi, Just wanted to share this one to make it easier for others. Check currently activated Onedrive sites from a tenant: >Onedrive share< [crayon-600a3e07d514a049173156/] And Bulk provision users based on a text file. [crayon-600a3e07d514f308327135/] Links for instructions. reading →

Outlook 2016 and ADAL

Hi, Yesterday there was the following scenario with a customer. - User mailboxes were migrated with third party tools to a new Office 365 tenant. - UserPrincipalName stayed the same. - Employees used the same laptop and profiles than before. - Exchange Hybrid was built to manage users. - AutodiscoverInternalUri…continue reading →