The Enterprise Mobility Suite Portal Survival Guide.

Today I stumpled to this page. Must say I was impressed about the number of portals for Azure-services :) Hopefully somebody else has also complained to Microsoft about the amount of active portal. And hopefully Microsoft will unify them soon.continue reading →

Sysprep Windows 8 and Windows 10

Hi, If you ever get problems while doing a sysprep on Windows 8 or 10. 1. Unplug network cable or disconnect wifi. 2. Use the powershell command below to cleanup any live-apps, because you cannot sysprep them. get-appxpackage | remove-appxpackage Then do a sysprep with or without answer file and…continue reading →

Cisco VPN-client and Windows 10.

Hi again, I posted some months ago a blog covering installation of Cisco VPN-client to Windows 8.1. With Windows 10 there is a new problem and the solution is covered in here. Do first you have to install Citrix Deterministic Network Enhancer and reboot if required. Then you can install…continue reading →