Windows 10 Creators Update

Today I was installing my new Surface Book and installed a clean Windows 10 Creators Update. When I tried to add Microsoft Account to sync the settings from the previous laptop I noticed something weird. Sync settings are greyed out. I google'd for the reason and found nothing, until one…continue reading →

Get-mailbox together with get-mailboxstatistics

Hi, When you try to combine Get-mailbox with Get-MailboxStatistics and export it to csv-file, You will get nothing from the last command. So here is a script that will allow You export the following. From Get-Mailbox = Name From Get-Mailbox = UserPrincipalName From Get-Mailbox = Alias From Get-MailboxStatistics = LastLogonTime From Get-MailboxStatistics = LastLogofTtime…continue reading →

Polycom software update

Hi, Last time when I had updated Polycom IP-phones I noticed that You cannot login from the browser. So You have to open menus from the phone and allow it. Dumn I must say. Option 1: In order to enable the HTTP or HTTPS Web Interface on the phone…continue reading →

Migrate files to Onedrive with Powershell script.

Jos Lieben wrote a really complex script for automating Onedrive For Business provisioning. We have tested it and it works great. It has the following features. We have tested this script and it really works. Here You can download the newest version. Also check the other scripts Jos has…continue reading →