Missed calls not showing in conversation history.

Today I figured out why Outlook 2010 and 2013 doesn't display this information anymore. Missed conversations and pstn-calls that the user calls out still work fine. To get it working again uninstall these updates: KB3101496 KB3114502 KB3114351 And it's working again. This isn't a permanent solution because these are security updates…continue reading →

Force Full Password Sync with AAD Connect.

I think this was easier with Dirsync, but that product is history. Open Powershell as Administrator and modify this Powershell script: $Local = "Domain.local" $Remote = "tenant.onmicrosoft.com - AAD" #Import Azure Directory Sync Module to Powershell Import-Module AdSync $OnPremConnector = Get-ADSyncConnector -Name $Local Write-Output "On Prem Connector information received" $Object…continue reading →