WIN10 – Remove AppX Packages directly from .ISO file.

It is common knowledge that for sysprep, you need to remove AppX packages from Windows 10 (and 8/8.1). The best way to do it, is to remove them directly from the installation media, so they never get installed in the first place.

First thing to do, is to download and install Windows ADK.  The latest version can be found from HERE

Next step is to download the Windows 10 .iso file, to your computer and mount/extract it.

Then get the install.wim from the \Sources\ -folder and copy it to D:\Windows10 folder. (Note that the drive letter varies depending on your system).

Create a mount folder for the .wim file. For example D:\MOUNTNext thing to do, is to mount the .wim file with DISM. Open an admin-elevated Powershell and run the command:

Now that you have succesfully mounted your install.wim you can extract a list of AppX packages in to a text file.


The output in the text file will look similar to this:

Go through the text file to see what AppX packages you want to remove from the installation media. Note that all of them cannot be removed, for example Cortana, Edge and few others.

Once you have selected the ones you want to remove, you can remove them with a following command:

Once you are done, you need to save the changes and unmount the .wim file:

And if you decided that you do not want to save the changes run the command:

After you are done, just replace the original install.wim in the installation media, with the one that you just customized.

Author: Mikko Pantti

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