Emergency calls with Lync in Finland

Hi all,

Today I go local. Sorry all readers outside Finland 😉

Today I got to solve a problem with emergency calls in Finland.

1. Create normalization rule that allows user to dial 112, but transform it to…


List on CountyNumbers In Finland http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luettelo_Suomen_kuntanumeroista

Instructions from Ficora http://www.112.fi/hatanumero_112/hatapuhelun_ohjaus

And the creation of normalization rule in Lync Control Panel:

After this logout and login in Lync client and dial 112.

It will be normalized with our location.

And if you want to take it even further. You can also enable E 911.

And editing Global policy.

Then add the following

Please note that if you enable this your call transfer settings will be disabled when you call 112. And you also have to add a location to your Lync client with correct address details. If you dont do it, you cant dial out.

So please do this before you need help in Emergency situation. Because then it would be too late.

Author: Harri Jaakkonen

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