CRM 2013 sp1 and a new List component

Hi again,

Today I got in the middle of a problem. CRM client told me:


But at the same time Web interface was working correctly.

After some investigation i found that CRM for Outlook version have been updated to version 6.1.0000.0581.

And then checked the server and it was version 06.00.0002.0051

If you have to diagnose this download the RTM client.

And then disable Windows Update Service. If you dont Client install will update itself to SP1.


You can check the version on Outlook client in Programs and Features. And remember you cannot rollback the update. You always have uninstall and reboot.

So as conclusion the faulty error message came from client that was never than the server.

Client will receive updates for Oulook client with wsus. So please keep this in mind if you are not receiving updates to server automatically.

And there is also a new list component for Sharepoint 2010/2013. I had to update this also because I guess that Microsoft updated Office365 Sharepoint farm, so the old one didn’t work anymore. 

Author: Harri Jaakkonen

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