Outlook 2016 and ADAL

Hi, Yesterday there was the following scenario with a customer. - User mailboxes were migrated with third party tools to a new Office 365 tenant. - UserPrincipalName stayed the same. - Employees used the same laptop and profiles than before. - Exchange Hybrid was built to manage users. - AutodiscoverInternalUri…continue reading →

Lync/SfB Server: Event 41026, LS Data MCU after May 2017 .NET Framework update

Hi, Today a customer call me and said that they cannot connect to meeting. In the Blog below is the fix. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/uclobby/2017/05/24/lyncsfb-server-event-41026-ls-data-mcu-after-may-2017-net-framework-update/ And script that does this for You. https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/LyncSfB-Server-Disable-EKU-dab6cb88continue reading →