This is why I think you should join CCPs 💯

Imagine a giant security geek party… but way cooler!

That’s kind of what the CCPs are like. Instead of just listening to someone lecture at a conference, you get to chat directly with Microsoft engineers and other security pros. It’s a two-way street:

  • They dish the dirt: By sharing all the juicy details on best practices, what awesome features are coming soon, and even what they are working on behind the scenes.
  • You tell it like it is: In return, they want to hear your real-world experiences with there products. What are you loving? What’s giving you a headache?

By sharing this back and forth, we can all learn from each other. Your voice matters, and it helps them to build even better security solutions that fit your needs. So, basically, these CCPs are all about creating a community of security enthusiasts who can collaborate and make things better – together!

See here for programs that are offered

Program NameFocus AreaProducts CoveredBadges
Data Security and Privacy CCPManage data security, privacy, and complianceInformation Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Insider Risk Management, Microsoft Purview Data Governance, eDiscovery, Audit, Data Lifecycle Management, Records Management, Microsoft PrivaYes
Management CCPManage devices, applications, and accessMicrosoft Intune product family, Windows, Windows Cloud ExperiencesYes
Microsoft Entra AdvisorsIn-depth guidance on identity and access managementMicrosoft Entra Permissions Management, Microsoft Verified ID, Identity Advisors, Identity Developer Advisors, Identity in Education, Azure B2C AdvisorsYes
Security CCPDeep dive into advanced security solutionsSIEM & XDR, CNAPP (Defender for Cloud), Network SecurityYes
Copilot for Security CCPStreamline security managementCopilot for Security

Note: Earning badges may be tied to participation within the program, such as attending meetings or completing surveys.

Recurring Virtual MeetingsAttend regular online meetings to stay updated on Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and product roadmaps.
Active Teams ChannelsParticipate in discussions with other members.
Private Preview AccessGet early access to new features and products before they are publicly released.
Customer-to-Customer LearningShare knowledge and insights with other members through forums or discussions.
Virtual BadgesEarn recognition for participation and achievements within the membership program.
Prioritized Private Preview AccessBe among the first to experience upcoming features and products with priority access to private previews.
Feature-Based Depth EngagementsCollaborate directly with the engineering team on specific features, providing valuable feedback and insights.
Direct Communication with Engineering TeamsHave a dedicated line of communication with the engineering team to ask questions and provide feedback.
Invitations to Exclusive EventsGet invited to special events, conferences, or meetups to connect with other influencers and product developers.


If you are a geek like me and many others, join them today and get with giving some!

Just making sure that this is super-clear to all. MVPs hear a lot, see a lot and know “too” much. NDA is all that Microsoft has to prevent us from sharing their secrets we keep.

Ps. My traditional “Keep calm and do stuff” picture didn’t fit the theme.

Instead my fellow MVP Tiago Costa made this couple of years ago and it’s still golden and so true! Even with these CCPs 🔥

Author: Harri Jaakkonen