Entra ID CA Templates are now Generally Available!

When it was still in Public preview, I wrote this post on it.

Templates available

So, let’s see what has changed. These are the templates that are currently available, no change here.

The process of Exporting

You can download policies in JSON format, no change here.

But want to note that you could also add M365 Admin portals for your policy, it cover all Microsoft admin portals.

  • Azure portal
  • Exchange admin center
  • Microsoft 365 admin center
  • Microsoft 365 Defender portal
  • Microsoft Entra admin center
  • Microsoft Intune admin center
  • Microsoft Purview compliance portal

Note that Sign-ins to the underlying resources or services like Microsoft Graph or Azure Resource Manager APIs are not covered by this application. Those resources are protected by the Microsoft Azure Management app.

And it’s now in Public preview.

The process of Importing

There are fixes made for Importing, previously Policy name didn’t populate correctly, now this has been fixed.

Otherwise Entra Admin center and Graph methods work just like they did during the Preview.

Policy overview

Overview of your policies is also now Generally available.

The dashboard that provides a thorough analysis of your conditional access situation. It gives you, the administrator, a clear summary of your rules, reveals any coverage gaps, and offers insightful data based on sign-in activity inside your tenant.

With the help of this tool, you can quickly identify locations where you may strengthen the application of the Zero Trust principles, thereby strengthening your defenses.

See the announcement here

Author: Harri Jaakkonen

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