SharePoint tenant rename, why and how?

Finally, Microsoft finally it’s coming to the public.

What went wrong when you chose a name for your tenant?

Probably nothing or all. Maybe you had a consultant saying “You won’t even see it when you use custom domain names so just choose what ever” and you did. Then came the point of regret when you realized that it will be seen in multiple places.

  • You SharePoint url that organization members use for entering SPO sites.
  • Your OneDrive links when you share something for collaborating with users.

Just to name a few, it will be visible in multiple places around your tenant, those custom domain are only masking some parts so it won’t be seen.

Maybe there was no mistakes made?

Maybe your organization was sold or you bought a new one. You have to merge the two into one. Or multiple organizations are merging into one tenant for usability, money saving, governance or what ever reason.

There is multiple reason why you would be renaming you tenant.

What are the limitation when renaming?

  • This change affects only SharePoint and OneDrive URLs. It doesn’t impact email addresses.
  • For info about changing a site address, for example, from to, see Change a site address.
  • This feature isn’t available for organizations that have set up multi-geo.
  • When you rename your SharePoint domain, we create a redirect at the previous address.
  • You can only rename your SharePoint domain once every six months.
  • Changing your SharePoint domain name back to the original name after you rename it isn’t supported. For example, if you change your SharePoint domain from to, changing it back to isn’t supported.

What will fail if you do a rename as of today?

App/featureLimitationAction required
Deleted sitesAny sites that have been deleted can’t be restored after the change.Before changing your domain name, review the Deleted sites page in the SharePoint admin center and restore any sites that you might want to keep.
Locked sites and OneDrive accountsAny site or OneDrive that has been locked (the LockState is NoAccess) can’t be renamed.Before changing your domain name, review any sites and OneDrive accounts that have been locked to determine if the lock should be removed. Lock and unlock sites
Multi-Geo configurationsYour SharePoint domain name can’t be changed if your organization is currently set up for Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo or was previously set up for it.No action available.
Point-in-time restorationRestoring a site to a previous time before the domain name change isn’t possible.No action available.
Vanity domain configurationsIf your SharePoint domain is, for example, (versus, your domain name can’t be changed.No action available.

Not that much but could be a game stopper for some. There is also low and medium impact limitations side Microsoft docs site.

How to do it?

Well Microsoft said that PowerShell will be the way to go for most of the solutions and here we go.

  1. Download SPO PowerShell module
  2. Connect SPO with Connect-SPOService -Url “” <– Your tenant here.
  3. Start-SPOTenantRename -DomainName -ScheduledDateTime
  4. Get the status of the rename by running Get-SPOTenantRenameStatus.
  5. During and after the rename, you can get the state of a site by running Get-SPOSiteRenameState

That’s it, all done and a happy new tenant name has arrived.

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Author: Harri Jaakkonen

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