Install Office 365 proplus to terminal server.

So you want to install Office 365 ProPlus to a Terminal Server. You can do it, but with different approach

That almost correct but not even close.

Here is the correct configuration.xml to use and remember network share wont work 😉


<Add OfficeClientEdition=”32″>

<Product ID=”O365ProPlusRetail”>

<Language ID=”en-us”/>



<Display Level=”None” AcceptEULA=”True”/>

<Property Name=”SharedComputerLicensing” Value=”1″/>


If you want to copy it be aware that the Quote-signs (“) are wrong after you paste it to Notepad etc.

And the download using: C:Office>.setup.exe /download configuration.xml
And install using: .setup.exe /configure configuration.xml

Remember . is important or you will get a error message complaining about your network connection. LOL.

Author: Harri Jaakkonen

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