Exchange 2010 and error 1022

Hi all,

Does this look familiar to you?

No? I sure do hope you wont ever see it. But if you do there could be a different reason for it than database or logfile corruption.

Today I spent a while lookin a solution for one customer dag-clustered Exchange environment.

Yes. I saw these errors in the log and though:

eseutil /mh mbxdb3 and it gave me this:

So database was in a state of dirty shutdown. Above you can even see the log-files that should be replayed to database so I thought again and tried.

eseutil /ml n:logfilesmbxdb3e00

But no again.

Header is OK but integrity wasn’t …what? 

And then.

eseutil /r “E00” /l n:logfilesmxbdb3 /d n:dbfilesmbxdb3MBXDB3.edb

But no again.

So I was a little bit desperate at this time until I understod it wasn’t broken it was THE CONNECTION to the storage connected with iscsi to the database servers.

And the solutions was.

And then

Select correct LUN and then MPIO

Switch it from round robin to Fail over only

That was it. No recovery needed. The customer had add iscsi-routes to storage system and left them as round robin so iscsi did’nt stick and database drive disconnected multiple times and that concluded as error 1022 in mount database.

Author: Harri Jaakkonen

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