MS SQL is the backend database, yes. If you have access to the DB server,
the easiest way to view/modify the table is via MS SQL Server Management
– Open MS SQL Server Management Studio and point it to the server/instance
that houses your vcenter SSO database.
– Expand the Databases object, then expand the vcenter SSO database (this
could go by any name, if you’re unsure you may have to check within multiple
– Expand the tables object and look for the table with “IMS_CONFIG_VALUE”
in the name
– Right click on that table and choose edit top 200 rows
– When those are displayed you can find and edit the fields referenced,
which will change where the vmware SSO service looks to bind to AD. In my case I
Probably a good idea to note the current values and double check the new
values you enter. Changes made are effective immediately.