SC-300 exam preparation series

Can’t stop learning, in parallel to AZ-500 I will start SC-300 study guide. Enjoy!

The Sections

There are multiple different sections in the exam, I wrote them more clearly below than in Microsoft Learn site. The sections are based on Microsoft update exam outline for January 28th 2022

Download skills outline from Microsoft Learn

Implement an Identity Management Solution (25-30%)

Implement initial configuration of Azure Active Directory

Create, configure, and manage identities

Implement and manage external identities

Implement and manage hybrid identity

Implement an Authentication and Access Management Solution (25-30%)

Plan and implement Azure Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Manage user authentication

Plan, implement and administer conditional access

Manage Azure AD Identity Protection

Implement Access Management for Apps (10-15%)

Plan, implement, and monitor the integration of Enterprise Apps for SSO

Implement app registrations

Plan and Implement an Identity Governance Strategy (25-30%)

Plan and implement entitlement management

Plan, implement and manage access reviews

Plan and implement privileged access

Monitor and maintain Azure Active Directory

Final words

It’s won’t be an easy test but hopefully You will pass. Just prepare Yourself and take Your time during the test. I always dedicate my tests for Sundays, for some reason it has been an excellent day for me to focus.

Never stop learning!

Over and Out,

Author: Harri Jaakkonen

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